Student Comments

"I have attended many Yoga workshops and classes over the last 15 years, one of the best ones I have ever attended has to be Gaynor Mullin's.  BKS Iyengar describes his practice in terms of a trident: "When I practice I am a philosopher, when I teach I am a scientist, when I demonstrate I am an artist", his words echo my sentiments regarding Gaynor's classes.  She is the genuine thing, an inspiring practitioner and most importantly fun.  You leave her classes feeling you have had a full body workout as well as a stretch and relaxation.  With two extra inches on your spine, you can walk tall and meet the rest of the week's challenges.  I would highly recommend her classes to any novice wanting to start Yoga (you get extremely good quality instruction on spine alignment and poses) and also to the well versed Yoga practitioner." ~ Siouxsie Cooper. (MA, Ph.D Researcher in Dance and Performance Studies, Plymouth University)


"Never thought I'd be able to bend and twist in so many directions. Since starting yoga, I've found myself a lot more relaxed and the sports that I do, I find I have improved in them." ~ Gordon Mills.

"When I was in my thirties my Mum recommended that I take up Iyengar yoga.  She said it made her feel great and it would help me to cope with my energetic growing family.  So I did, and she was right!  I love the safe and almost unnoticed development of strength and flexibility that Iyengar yoga offers, and the meditation/relaxation is amazingly therapeutic! In the hands of a great teacher like Gaynor I am encouraged and challenged to improve week on week in many small but significant ways." ~
Gillian Preston.

"Two weeks without yoga because the kids are off school and I can't breathe, totally stressed and I need to go to sleep forever!  Then I remember Gaynor telling me to "stand well" and I stop re-adjust my body and I feel better! Thank you Gaynor." ~ Jenny Taylor-Manning

"I have been playing golf for many years, and after hearing rumours that yoga would improve my golf, I decided to give it a try. As well as attending Gaynor's classes I have been practicing at home and already I can see the improvement after only 2 months - I can move more easily, and feel younger, stronger and fitter! It's now become a joke on the golf course that my handicap needs lowering!" ~ Tony Mullin (Gaynor's Dad)

I had never been to a yoga class before so was apprehensive about trying it at the grand old age of 44. However, from the very first moment, I absolutely loved it! The class is in a very calming and relaxing room. There is a real mix of ages and abilities – from complete beginners to people who have been doing yoga for many years. Everyone is very welcoming and there is a very friendly atmosphere. Gaynor is the most encouraging, warm and inspiring teacher. After the class, I always feel a complete sense of mental and physical well-being. Even though I have only been doing yoga for a short while, I have already noticed the benefits. I feel mentally more focused and physically I have noticed that I am more supple. I would strongly recommend the class to anyone. ~
Lisa Morriss

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”     B.K.S. Iyengar